Android 11 Beta 1 Features: Everything you need to know

The Android 11 beta 1 is available now for the Pixel phones. So the job of a mature operating system is to first manage complexity. This beta version of Android features a revamped notification system, a new power menu, and many of the smaller tweaks.

Android 11 beta 1 comes with tons of new features. So here is the list of the Android 11 Beta 1 features. Google has released this Android 11 Beta 1 feature for pixel phones which are pixel 2, pixel 3 pixel 3a, or pixel 4 available in India. where this update can be downloaded by pixel 2 and all the latest Google Pixel phone users.

Android 11 Beta 1 Features: Everything you need to know
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Android 11 Beta 1 Features:-

  • Conversations: the notification shade now breaks out messages from your texting apps into their own section at the top. It comes with a people forward design and conversation specific actions such as opening the conversations as a bubble.
  • Voice access: most of you might use their phone by their voice using Google Assistant. And now you guys will be getting a much smoother experience. Android 11 comes with an on-device visual cortex. This basically comes with the ability to understand screen content and context and generate labels and also access points for accessibility commands.
  • Bubbles: this feature allows users to keep conversations in view and accessible while multitasking. Bubbles work very similar to chat Heads for Facebook Messenger.
  • Media control: the media control make it quick and convenient for users to switch the output device for their audio or video content. There is also a privacy feature besides improving the chatting experience.
  • Notifications have simpler, easier to understand presets for “Alerting notifications” and “silent notifications” which allows you more control over how those presets work.
  • Screenshots now appear on the lower-left corner, just like they do on the iPhone.
  • The power menu also now serves as a kind of digital wallet, with controls for powering your phone, Google pay cards and passes, and now smart home control.
  • Native screen recording should finally become an official Android level feature.
  • We also have some of the privacy features as well like:
  1. One time permission: this feature lets users provide apps access to their device microphone, camera, or location just for once.
  2. Permissions auto-reset: if users have not used an app for a very long time, Android 11 will “auto-reset” all the running permissions associated with the app and then notify the user.

There are some new options baffling. Now when you trigger a screenshot, a tiny thumbnail will float down to the lower-left corner. There will be some buttons attached. If you want to quickly edit or share the screenshot.

The Home section is where Google is putting buttons for your smart home controls. You can choose which smart home gadgets appear here and also reorder them. Moreover, the Android 11’s power menu home controls are powered by the Google Home app. Isn’t it amazing!! It means that you need not have to set up your smart home gadgets a second or third time.

Word of warning: Here with the Android 11 beta 1 features, the experience is applied to Pixel only. When we talk about others, like Samsung they have their own payment system, smart home ecosystem, and even its own penchant for remapping a long press of the power button to Bixby. This is why Google has made a whole new “zone” instead of just putting smart home controls somewhere else like the quick settings panel.

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