10 Best SNES Emulators for Android 2020

We used to play games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in our childhood. And our current devices do not support these old games but we can play these old games with the help of a SNES emulator. Hence, we provided a list of 10 best SNES emulators for Android which will make you relive your childhood moments again.

10 Best SNES Emulators for Android 2020

1. Emulator for SNES

It is one of the simplest and the best SNES emulator for Android and it is very stable. After installing this app, download SNES ROMs and now simply load the game and start playing. The best thing about this app is, it is completely free and there are no in-game purchases and this doesn’t even have a paid version. And also this app provides Bluetooth support, fast forward mode, and also the ability to use cheats and many more.

2. RetroArch

Retroarch is free to use and this comes with extraordinary features. It can run different games designed for different platforms along with SNES. This ability made this the best emulator for Android and has a popular craze among the gamers. The compatibility rate is also very high besides the high rate of supported systems. You can have the stable version at present with the perfect on-screen controls. Many smartphones and tablets support this emulator and this is bug-free.

3. John NESS (formerly John SNES)

You can grab the most realistic gaming experience on your Android from this best SNES emulator since the engine used is the same as the engine used in official consoles. And also this emulator is compatible with several controllers that use Wireless, Bluetooth, or on-screen units. You can run any game, and you can use slow mode, fast forward, turbo button mode, and can even use cheats and much more. The free version comes with the basic features and the paid version is much better since it is free of ads and provides you with excellent gaming experience.

4. SuperRetro16

This SuperRetro16 is very effective, stable, and also comes with advanced capabilities and it comes compatible with various games and supports fast forward on-screen controls, and multiplayer options. Hence, this SNES emulator gives the best gaming experience for Android users.

5. Snes9x Ex+

This emulator is very simple to use and it comes with all the essential features. You can save and load games at any given moment, use on-screen controls, use controllers and you can also load ZIP, SFC, and SMS files. This emulator is very useful, highly effective, and comes with outstanding features. The best thing about this SNES emulator for Android is, it is completely free and there are no in-game purchases in it but supports portrait mode only.

6. EmuBox

This can be used for various ROMs such as GBA and SNES and this emulator is well-designed and comes with several excellent features. You can simply save and load games, use controllers and there is also a fast forward mode. The free version is an excellent choice, but it comes with several ads. So, to remove these ads, you can upgrade to the premium version.

7. NES.emu

This emulator allows the gamers to play games in landscape mode, whereas the SNES9x EX+ supports portrait mode only. The emulator is stable and this can load and run almost any game and comes with essential options that you require. This is also one of the best SNES emulators where you can play all games and you can use cheats on Android devices, save and load games whenever you want and you can also use retro controllers as well as on-screen controls. However, this emulator requires a smartphone with a minimum 1GHz processor which means it doesn’t run on old Android smartphones.

8. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy is one of the best and the oldest SNES emulators for android. This one is a combo emulator with SNES, PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Advance, and a few others. It is an excellent emulator to play all popular games. However, this doesn’t receive any updates since 2014 but recently rolled out its new update in August.

9. The Mega S.N.E.S Rock Retro

This emulator is pretty fast and has wider game compatibility. Furthermore, you can play these SNES games on a Full HD Graphics setting which is an excellent feature.  And also this emulator has great features like controller customization, compatibility with Bluetooth controllers, support for popular cheat codes, and more. Hence this is a perfect pick for your smartphone.

10. 2600.emu

This is an open-source program and this supports gaming for Atari ROMs based on Stella 4.7.3 and supports Paddle Controller & Joystick Controller. It also supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Hence, you can use this connectivity support to play games with another external controller also. However, it is not available for free and only the paid version is available.

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