10 Best CamScanner alternatives for Android and iOS

Since CamScanner has been removed from the Play Store, everyone needs to find the best CamScanner alternatives that work similarly to the CamScanner. However, we made this simple for you by bringing you the list of 10 best CamScanner alternatives for both Android and iOS.

10 Best CamScanner alternatives for Android and iOS
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Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the best CamScanner alternatives as it comes with endless features. You can easily scan documents, receipts, ID cards, notes, or even any paper document with the help of its smart scanner. This app can also recognize the type of document and can also effectively crop the image. This powerful document scanner also comes with various options to improve the image quality of the scanned documents and also supports OCR. You can easily export the scanned documents either in JPEG or PDF and this Adobe Scan doesn’t put a watermark.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is another powerful CamScanner alternative and this app delivers the best user experience if you are already into Microsoft’s ecosystem. You can also scan whiteboard tables, handwritten notes, and diagrams and make them readable. And also, it comes with all the standard features like ID card scanning, auto edge cropping, OCR, and more. You can moreover export these documents straight into Powerpoint or Word documents or to your image gallery or as a PDF file. However, users can also access their scanned documents on the cloud through OneNote. This app also doesn’t put any watermark.

Evernote Scannable

Everyone Scannable is also a major CamScanner alternative and you can scan business cards, notes, receipts, and any paper document with the best clarity. With the help of smart edge detection, it crops the image automatically and perfectly. You can also save your scanned documents in your camera roll or you can export those as PDF files. You can also send it to your friends or colleague very easily. It doesn’t put any watermark but doesn’t support OCR.


With this Scanbot application, you can scan your documents, receipts, whiteboards, ID cards, QR code, and more. It features smart edge detection, auto-cropping function, batch scanning, OCR text recognition, document editing, annotations, and more. Interestingly it can even search for the files by looking for text in documents, which is the best feature that is provided by this CamScanner alternative. You can export the scanned documents both in JPG as well as PDF formats or can even upload your files on the cloud since it is integrated with many cloud services. 

Google Drive

Google Drive has a built-in scanner in the app. You have to click the plus button and you can scan documents, notes, receipts very easily. This comes with a simple scan and upload feature and also provides edge detection and crop functionality with a basic image editor in it. Even though it lacks many features compared to CamScanner, it stands as one of the best CamScanner alternatives, because it has a simple easy-to-use interface and the documents are always safe and secure.


It comes with the unique features of taking 3 simultaneous pictures and creating detailed scanned documents and also has many filters. This app comes with OCR support, cloud integration, automatic border detection, intelligent cropping and you can quickly export documents in PDF, JPG, or PNG formats and you can even digitally sign your PDF documents. These excellent features make this app listed in the 10 Best Camscanner alternatives list.


You can scan several types of documents and also create a high-quality scanned image and also features smart edge detection. This app also comes with OCR support, document editing, batch scanning, and cloud integration within the app and also doesn’t put any watermark on your documents. You can export them as JPG or PDF or you can even quickly export to the cloud.


PhotoScan is an incredible app by Google for scanning the printed photos with extraordinary clarity and accurate color. This app uses Google’s powerful post-processing algorithm to create a digital photo without losing out on details and it does not come with glares or blemishes. And it also comes with edge detection and automatic cropping functionality.


TurboScan allows you to scan all documents, whiteboards, or notes. It comes with a special sharpening mode which does wonders for the scanned documents. It also comes with auto edge detection, multipage scanning, Dropbox, and email integration within the app. The scanned images can be exported in PNG or JPG or PDF. But there is no OCR support.

Fast Scanner

This is a very quick app that can scan documents, notes, and many. It comes with decent edge detection but sometimes you need to adjust the borders. You can also share the scanned documents directly through email or to cloud services like Evernote, Google Drive, etc. You can also save the documents in your image gallery as JPEG or can export as PDF files but this app doesn’t support OCR.

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